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Center for multidisciplinary Approach and Technology

Our offered services are to relieve researchers from administrative and managerial burdens and help them to achieve valuable results. We offer you an administrative and technical support at fair charges. Moreover we help you conceptualising your ideas and bringing them to maturity.



We can check with you the relevance of your idea and analyse and identify the most appropriate funding programme for your project as well as the best suitable instrument. This means making the choice of the appropriate call or the monitoring of the forthcoming call. We can help you to adapt your project to better meet the Call content. This would also include support in structuring the proposal.

Jo Vaerenbergh CEO of CMAT is independent expert working for the European Commission. 


We have a good network of contacts to the major players in European research area, including the EU’s New Member States, Associated Candidate Countries and INCO countries. Through our network we will be able to advise you suitable partners for your consortium in order to create the critical mass for achieving your project goals.

Making the vision: We can have a short discussion with you on the phone or exchange a few emails to make you find the right questions. This service is free of charges. Answering your questions: We organize in house meetings or come to your place. If you want we can also use the common net meeting solutions to get acquainted before we take the plunge together. This service is at minimal charges
Take a different view - combine the unusual and break the rules : From experience we know how difficult this is. We organize courses on YOUR demand. These courses are not theoretical, but ready to help you tackling your problem. We learn you to map your mind according to your emerging demands. This means that what we offer are personalized solutions. Most of the time we come to your place, this helps us making the correct analysis. Please contact us for prices.

 When implementation comes about: Our job can stop if we see you can further manage, but we can continue our trip together. We can offer some proposal writing and assistance in proposal preparation, in order to ensure that all formal requirements and evaluation criteria are met and that the proposal is written in the format required by the European Commission. If required, we can handle or control the electronic proposal submission, we can even become partner in your project to give it a smooth life span. Please contact us for prices.